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The grace of God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, comes to all who will hear. For forty years many people have been enlivened or transformed as New Creation brought the Word of God through teaching missions, studies and weekly teaching classes.

**New Creation closed on 15th February 2013 but all the original resources are being retained to freely read, browse and download from this website.

Here you can find numerous books (including hundreds of biblical studies) to read or download, sheet music to play or sing (use right column menu top).

The entire "New Creation Hymn Book - 2nd edition Republished on 2010", with 436 hymns in 235 pages, is available as a PDF file here. Smaller size lists (sub-sets) of the Master Hymn Book (and new additions) can be viewed here. The numerical listing of all the New Creation Hymns is available here.

There are also links to the latest and past ACTS sermons, in both video and audio podcast format, from the Australian Christian Teaching Service (Multiple Speakers).

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- The source is acknowledgedas music, B Flat, E Flat and overheads in Adobe Acrobat PDF all to freely download for your church or personal use.

Background of New Creation Teaching Ministry:

New Creation's teaching of "the grace of the triune God, from the beginning to the end of the Bible, grounded in the cross of Christ, with a view to the ultimate community of God with His people" will carry on through our generations and culture.

New Creation managed to bridge charismatic and reformed theologies from its beginning in 1974. This was due to its founder Geoffrey Bingham, a former prisoner-of war, farmer, minister, missionary, and Bible College principal. For example, one aim of New Creation was to promote Bible teaching ministry in the churches.

Geoffrey Bingham's ministry was forged by his suffering in the Changi prisoner of war camp together with the East African Revival which left him "unsatisfied with anything else but the church fully alive in Christ" quoting a long-time associate Rev. Martin Bleby.

Martin Bleby addressing the ACC 2012 Video (a Vimeo podcast) Conference on the subject "Singing the Lord's Song" perhaps illustrates the rich background of the "New Creation Hymn Book" available on this site. This song book features over 436 hymns, as music, B Flat, E Flat and overheads in Adobe Acrobat PDF free to download for your church or personal use. Please note the Ⓒ Copyright Notice here.

Geoffrey Bingham began "New Creation Teaching Ministries" with a second hand duplicator in a borrowed farmhouse in the South Australian countryside. The name "New Creation Teaching Ministries" was based on Geoffrey's belief that "in Christ" Christians are new people. Geoff Bingham was a relentless writer and through the New Creation Ministries published many books. He also contributed to a genuine ecumenical fellowship of warm hearted evangelicals across various Adelaide denominations.

New Creation Publications vast range of resources--over 400 books, will continue to be made available for future generations, in electronic form.

Some New Creation material is now co-located with ACTS. Australian Christian Teaching Service seeks to provide a video/audio streaming service that will enable Preachers and Teachers appointed by God, to be heard across Australia and the world.

ACTS is non-denominational, broadcasting Teachers and Preachers who subscribe to what is commonly known as Reformed or Conservative teaching. Visit ACTS