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An Introduction to New Creation Teaching Ministry

The ministry began officially in February 1974 when a New Creation Teaching Ministry (NCTM) Council was set up (NCTM has no direct contact with any 'creationist' group, and our teaching is drawn from the whole of the Scriptures). This Council was then to be supportive of the ministry of Geoffrey C. Bingham.

He had recently resigned from the Adelaide Bible Institute (now Bible College of South Australia— BCSA). Before Geoffrey Bingham left the College a group of some twenty pastors and people had gathered at a weekend at the Bible College when it was on vacation. They had come to the conclusion that God was leading the group to commence the work of New Creation Teaching Ministry.

They envisaged a centre where teaching materials would become available to the churches. It also saw teaching flowing out to many places by means of Teaching Missions conducted by Pastors and Teams, by means of the printed materials including books, and by the use of audio and video cassettes.

It also believed a Correspondence School was to be part of the ministry. Without our asking, the Lord provided the marvellous facilities we have used over the years. A large number of men and women have gone on into training Colleges, and express themselves grateful for the grounding they received through NCTM.

The NCTM Centre, which then was a house, a garage and a block of six acres of bushland, was given by a generous donor, Aubrey Bowen who died some years ago. John and Beryl Skewes who had three farms in the Mallee at Karoonda came to see the work, and bought the 5 acre block next door.

They built the NCTM Resource Centre and their own home. Gradually a team of workers grew; some evangelists and teachers, some who looked after the office, and others who helped to begin the publishing side of the ministry.

Since its founding, NCTM had a wide influence in Australia and overseas. It published over 400 book titles and, in number, hundreds of thousands of books, hundreds of videos and thousands of audio cassettes and mp3 CDs. Its Study Resources are many, and its books cover a wide area of truth.

It conducted Teaching Missions over many years, had a Summer School, Winter School and Ministry School (formerly Pastors' School) in South Australia each year as well as Interstate Schools and missions and a Monthly Ministry (Pastors') Study in South Australia and New South Wales.

It conducted Teaching Classes in various venues around Adelaide, led by well–qualified pastors and laymen who also minister, by invitation, in many churches. It conducted a fine Christian Workers' Correspondence School, well used by pastors and others in a number of countries.

From the beginning it worked on a faith basis, never soliciting financial support. No one on the Team ever received a stipend. The grounds are quite beautiful, with a large auditorium and other rooms, as well as a fine library.

No charges were made for any Courses or Schools. Correspondence Courses charged only for cassettes, mp3 CDs and mailing. What income from sales of books and other materials was ploughed back again to produce more of the same.

What brought folk to receive the teaching given?

NCTM was not a kingdom or a sectarian group. All members of the Team worked in their own churches, and folk of all churches came to the teaching of their own volition. NCTM had a simple belief that as the Word of God is taught under the power of the Holy Spirit, then men and women will awaken to the nature of God, His creation and the humanity He has created.

Its teachers, whether those on the NCTM Team or those teaching in churches, Pastors, Elders and the like, are glad to proclaim the grace of God and His love. This has drawn them into the full materials of the Scriptures and so their Scripture knowledge has enlarged and their spiritual depth developed, and their love of 'the whole counsel of God' increased.

Whilst they not of an academic cast, they certainly used all materials which came their way and which will sharpen their knowledge and give fresh and new insights.

A number of members of the Team and associated pastors and lecturers have been, and are going, into other countries, and their ministries are highly regarded and loved.

In what category is NCTM?

Some folk have tried to put us in an ecclesiastical or doctrinal 'box'. We don't seem to fit in such boxes. We are just normal, biblically minded believers, who have a high regard for local churches. Refer to the original Doctrinal basis.

We are glad of the immense biblical-theological resources we have built up through the years.