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The Day of the Spirit

Day of the Spirit

About this Book

  • All days since creation began have been the days of the Spirit.

  • In a special way Pentecost was the Day of the Spirit.

  • All history moved towards that Day, and moves from that Day.

  • We are in the age of the Spirit which began with the special coming of the Spirit on the people of God, at Pentecost.

  • That is why these days are most significant.

This volume, THE DAY OF THE SPIRIT, is in the form of descriptive theology. In semi-narrative mode, it traces the history and actions of the Holy Spirit as he works in unison with the Father and the Son. His work in creation, in covenant, in preparation for the coming of Messiah, in Messiah and his redemptive work, is all covered. Pentecost and the coming of the Spirit to the people of God does not interrupt this plan of God, but in fact establishes it.

The remarkable work of the Spirit is essential to a true understanding of our faith. The Spirit-at-work is what we need to see and know if we are to have reality and sensibility in our faith. All the people of God must be persons of the Spirit, no less than the children of God and the servants and brethren of Christ.

The author believes in experimental theology, theology which is not only in the study, but which is in the business of living in this world and anticipating the next. That is why he sees description of the person and work of the Spirit as vital to our times.

Geoffrey Bingham is the author of many theological titles. An Anglican clergyman, he has had experience in war, in a Japanese P.O. W. Camp, as a journalist, as Principal successively to two Bible Colleges, as Executive Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry. He and his family spent 10 years of missionary service in Pakistan. He exercised a teaching and pastoral role not only in Australia but in countries overseas.

Geoffrey Bingham

Coromandel 1984

Title: Day of the Spirit (The)

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Holy Spirit

Book Code: 044

Pages: 392 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1985

ISBN: 0 86408 013 1

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