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Grace and Renewal In the Church

Do most church people wish to see the church do well? They do not wish to see it retreat any further. Most would like to see more people join them, and are concerned to be able to pay their way. Occasionally such hopes can be realised if the church is fortunate to be in a new housing area, which is culturally conducive to the life style and values of the church.

However, it is when the church has been refreshed by some means that life comes. And the problem is that there can be no new life, no new love, no new worship, no new obedience and no new fellowship without change. Change can also bring trouble. Initially the change may not be in the structure or organisation of the Parish. It may not be seen in the order of Sunday morning worship. At first it may simply be the abounding enthusiasm, or the warm love of those who have been liberated by the living God. But where there is light there will also be heat, so that we cannot know God as He is without this knowledge expressing itself in the lives of those who know it. Emotion will be shown. New goals expressed. Zeal will replace apathy—and misunderstanding will occur

Grace & Renewal in the Church

Deane Meatheringham

by Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Renewal

Book Code: 071

Pages: 14 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1982

ISBN: 0 94985 105 1

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