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 I Saw, in the Night, Visions

I saw in the Night, Visions.


This volume—I Saw in the Night, Visions—is not in fact a book of visions. Some of us have had bad dreams and good visions, but they figure very little in our lives. We all require something more substantial, and under this title that is what we get. The author's previous books which resemble this present volume are Angel Wings, The Concentration Camp, and the God and the Ghostown. These books were made up of stories, essays and poems- an unusual but attractive mixture.

This new book is made of much stronger stuff that its predecessors. Geoffrey Bingham gets down to a new kind of exhortation. An accomplished short story writer, he is proving to be no less as an essayist and poet. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between story and essay and poem, so much one are they in their attempt to confront the reader with the truth. In 'The Theological Student' a man is trying hard to know as much as God! In 'Primal Purity' the blind is drawn up on man's amnesia concerning his pristine beginnings. 'Chainbreaker' is action in a powerful way to liberate a group of slum kids. 'The Criminals' is a grim story of law—retribution of the harshest kind, whilst 'I Leap over Mountains' is that of free and heady joy. The title ' I Saw in the Night, Visions' is one which leaves the reader shaking—as  in fact do some others—but in good allegory. It might even be seen as good theology.

Some readers have said, 'This is the best of Bingham!' 'better that before.' Some even see it as a new tractarian way of communication. Certainly it is truth revealed—and communicated—in a dynamic way.

I Saw, in the Night, Visions

Stories & essays

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Short Stories, Essays

Book Code: 085

Audio Code: STT 03

Pages: 236 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1986

ISBN: 0 86408 043 3

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