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Paul, the Pursued & Pursuer of God

Paul, the Pursued & Pursuer of God

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Apostle Paul

Book Code: 116

Pages: 29 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1986

ISBN: 0 86408 045 X

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Paul, the Pursued & Pursuer of God


  • Was Paul a mere person of his time?

  • Was he the founder of a Gospel which was not Christ's but his own?

  • What turned a strict Pharisee and Jew into a man with universal vision?

  • Where did this man get his amazing Gospel?

  • What constraint of motive kept him going, ceaselessly?

How is it that he has influenced Christian thought and world history so deeply?

From over fifty years of studying Paul, the author is convinced that this man, more than any other but Christ has understood the nature of God, and His Goals for human history and destiny.

Because his own life has been so deeply affected by the life and teaching of this apostle of Christ—born out of due season—Geoffrey Bingham has set down in a simple but packed essay, some of the thoughts that have been borne in on him over five decades.

These insights are not complex, and not only theological. They relate to the great issues which always face the human race. and which each person--in his own way seeks to resolve. This, at least, makes this small volume quite valuable.