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The Fellowship of Suffering

Fellowship of Suffering (The)

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Suffering

Pages: 58 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1987

Book Code: 177

ISBN: 0 86408 062 X

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The Fellowship of Suffering

Why should humans suffer?

Is suffering always punishment?

Why should the innocent suffer?

What, if any, is the value of suffering?

The questions are as old as the human race, and are not solved by clichés or trite answers. Many ancient religions have struggled with the concept of suffering, and have tried to find a way around it, or even to use it. It is often those who suffer little who most dread the thought of suffering. Many who have suffered much spend little time to consider the subject as something in itself.

The author is interested in the biblical treatment of the theme. He explores suffering that comes in forms of judgement, punishment, retribution and chastisement. He then takes us beyond these first confrontations of suffering and brings us into the realms of Divine Suffering. Christ, as God's Suffering Servant, shows that God is the God who suffers, though not in the sense that He is the victim of suffering. It is suffering which primarily reveals the nature of love. For us to witness to God's love means we too must learn to suffer.

This little book should not only prove interesting, but practically helpful to those who face suffering.