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The Riches of His Grace
Riches of His Grace (The)

Ian Pennicook

by Rev. Ian Pennicook

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Grace

Book Code: 220

Pages: 210 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1988

ISBN: 0 86408 113 8

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Riches of His Grace


‘True knowledge of grace is essentially experiential . . . Where there is an experiential knowledge of grace, the intellectual content is enriching and stimulating, and so it is with all theology.’ So writes Ian Pennicook in this book which introduces us to the great joy and freedom of living under God’s grace.

Always intensely practical, this book opens up for us the great theme of The Riches of His Grace. Although there is much to stimulate the intellect here, the overriding aim is to draw the reader to see that grace can never be a mere theological concept. Since grace is God giving himself to restore men and women to their created glory, coming to a true knowledge of grace can never be less than a transforming experience.

In Part Two of this book, we are confronted with the great Action of Grace, in particular in the first twelve chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. Here, too, grace is not simply a dominating principle for theology; grace is the action of God in the lives of men and women. Again we are brought to see that in the face of such grace we can do nothing but fall down in adoring worship.

About the author

Rev. Dr Ian Pennicook, an Anglican minister, was the N.S.W. Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry, working from his home in Bowral in the Southern Highlands. He is married to Zara and has four children. His experiences of life, both in thirteen years of day to day parish ministry as well as in his personal and family life, have fitted him well to write this book.