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Come! Let Us Go To Calvary!

Come! Let Us Go To Calvary!

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Cross (People at the)

Book Code: 313

Pages: 58 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1997

ISBN: 0 86408 196 0

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About this book

Why should one read yet another book on the Cross of Christ? The author has already written books on the subject. What can he add to these? Perhaps this Cross and its companion Resurrection are a kind of obsession with him and he may have developed an imbalance in treating his subject.

Perhaps, but a reading of this volume will convince many that the subject is not only thrilling, but it is also significant for every human being who will have lived in history. Not for nothing has a large volume of literature, art and music sprung from the inspiration of Christ's death, but all of it is as a thing apart when a person really goes to the Cross for himself or herself The present volume may just be an aid to the contemplation we should all make of that event.

This time let the writer persuade you to take time off and spend it at the Cross. One may even feel lonely there, but one will not be alone. The central character may be Jesus of Nazareth, but others will also be there, some of them bitterly antagonistic, some friendly, some just bewildered. Join them and see how it goes with you.

About the Author ...

The Rev. Dr Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009) an Anglican clergyman, a teacher of interstate and international experience, has been a missionary with the Church Missionary Society, Principal of the Pakistan Bible.


ITS 41—[G. Bingham] Studies on the Characters At the Cross 1994
Short addresses given on Good Friday 1994, on 2 x 90 min. tapes, using the booklet Come Let Us Go to Calvary by G. Bingham