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God-engendered Glory

Women & Men in Ordained Ministry

God-engendered Glory: Women & Men in Ordained Ministry

Rev. Martin Bleby

by Rev. Martin Bleby

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Women & Men in Ordained Ministry

Book Code: 320

Pages: 20 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1997

ISBN: 0 86408 213 4

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God-engendered Glory


  • Why are there still those who oppose the ordination of women as priests in the Anglican Church of Australia?
  • Are they hopelessly out of touch with reality, or do they have something important to say?
  • What might be the effects of consecrating women as bishops?
  • What does the Bible say? Why bother about the Bible anyway?
  • Were Jesus and the apostles culturally conditioned in this matter, or did they see through to a reality that remains unchanged?

Whether you agree with the conclusions of this little booklet or not, you will find it helpful in setting out some of the issues. It may even challenge a few of your pet assumptions, and cause you to rethink!


Martin Bleby, an Anglican minister (wife Vivien and children), has been involved in pastoral ministry and teaching for over thirty years. He chronicles the discovery of the freedom he found in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, in a biographical book published by New Creation, 'The Vinedresser: An Anglican Meets Wrath and Grace.'

Martin is the Director of Ministry at New Creation Teaching Ministry, a role which involves supervision of the teaching program of the ministry, in class and by correspondence, and all other theological matters pertaining to the ministry.