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Ian Pennicook

by Rev. Ian Pennicook

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Second Coming of Christ

Book Code: 322

Pages: 176 pp

Pub. Date: 1998

ISBN: 0 86408 208 8

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About the Book

MARANATHA is a book about hope—the hope which God gives to every man and woman who believes in Christ. They are 'saved in hope'.

But unlike the hope of many modern doomsayers, the hope of Christians is not of some fearful apocalyptic climax to history. Quite the contrary, the hope of which the Bible speaks is glorious, causing us to cry out in eager anticipation:

MARANATHA—our Lord, come!

Ian Pennicook has not set out a timetable for what remains of history. Instead, he shows us that the Bible is all about hope because it is all about the plan of God for his Creation. He also shows us that, while many people hope for the last things, the Bible describes Christian hope as hope for the last Man. It is hope for Jesus himself, the hope of those who love his appearing.

About the Author

lan is an ordained Anglican clergyman who has served in four parishes in NSW. He is the NSW Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry and has a wide teaching ministry in Australia and overseas.

lan has lectured in various theological subjects, Exegesis and New Testament Greek and has written a number of theological books. More