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Mission to Islam and Beyond

Christ and the Triune Glory

First published by Mrs. M. Christensen & The North Africa Mission originally titled The Practical Approach to Muslims © 1977


Foreword by Geoffrey Bingham to the
Current Edition

As can be seen by both the Editor’s Note in the 1977 Edition of this book, and the Preface given by Bishop Arne Rudvin, formerly Bishop of the Diocese of Karachi in Pakistan, this volume is of immense value. Originally titled ‘The Practical Approach to Muslims’ in the 1977 Edition, we thought it better to give it its present new title. We would like to thank Rev. Erling Albinus, Chairman of The Society-in-Aid, Denmark, for permission to republish this book, under the title ‘Mission to Islam and Beyond’.

The present Publisher—New Creation Publications Inc. (NCPI)—is a non-profit organisation which has published over four hundred books by its own writers, including myself, and which seeks also to find books which, though out of print, are valuable. The whole work is on a voluntary basis and no workers receive stipends or honoraria from NCPI.

My wife, family and I lived and worked as missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in Pakistan from the years 1957 to 1966. It was my privilege to know Bishop Jens Christensen, who was a Danish Lutheran Bishop working on the North-West Frontier. I was the Founder–Principal of the Pakistan Bible Training Institute at Hyderabad, Sind. One of the Bishop’s clergy was the Rev. Len Patsold who, with his wife and family, worked with the World Mission Prayer League. Len was also Vice-Principal of our Institute. Later he went to the North-West Frontier and opened another Bible College. Len had a tremendous regard for his Bishop, as also did I. Arne Rodvin was a right-hand man to Bishop Christensen until, later, Arne became the Bishop in Karachi of the Church of Pakistan.

My own knowledge of Jens Christensen was of a man who was a theologian of great calibre. I would say unhesitatingly that he towered above all others of us in the land. He was a man who worked most of his life amongst Muslims, suffering deep opposition to the point of great tragedy. Arne Rudvin’s preface is of great value in understanding the practical approach to Muslims which Christensen knew and passed on to others.

Some of us regard this particular book as of great theological and practical value for today. Few men have loved and understood the Muslim as did he. Few men have really understood the Christian gospel as did he. Those who really study this volume will find their theological knowledge increased, their insights deepened and their theology questioned.

The reason for changing the title was to tell persons whose prime interest is not Islam, that the body of theology they will gain from this book will stand them in good stead as persons, and as ministers of the gospel of Christ, no matter to whom they proclaim it. Some may react to this theologian but I doubt whether they will ever unseat him. I consider this book as outstanding in the field of doctrine, proclamation and what we are pleased to call ‘missiology’. Any Seminary or College library without it will be the poorer for that fact.

In publishing this book we have a hope that it will become not only a text book on the substance of Islam, of true theology and of mission, but that it will be a book which will affect us all deeply, and equip us for the work of the gospel so that there will be a great resurgence of apostolic faith and practice. We send it forth in that hope, and with gratitude to God for a pioneer of the faith.

Geoffrey C. Bingham

Adelaide, 2001

Mission to Islam and Beyond

by Bishop Jens ChristensenJens Christensen

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: 1. Islam—Doctrines. 
3. Converts from Islam.  
4. Mission to Muslims.

5.Christianity and other religions—Islam.

Book Code: 375

Pages: 460 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2000

ISBN: 0 86408 224 X

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