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Balwone Trilogy
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The Balwone Trilogy

Geoffrey Bingham

The Story of Balwone, in a medieval setting, catches the wisdom, excitment, romance, intrigue and action of his age, but gives something rich for our own age.

Strong as the Sun

Beyond Mortal Love Love unto Glory


1 Balwone the Great
2 Meeting Flamgrid, the Cobbler-Sage
3 Human, Celestial and Devilish Creatures
4 Moving Among Those of the Human Race
5 Balwone and Roget in the City of Cotillon
6 Setting Out to Return to Merphein and Flamgrid
7 The Meetings
8 The Pilgrimage to the Cobbler-Sage
9 Balwone, Gothlic and the Tournament
10 The Knight and the Cobbler
11 The Preparation
12 The Commencement of the Great Venture
13 The Pilgrimage to the Great Forest
14 The Forest-Jungle of Allein
15 The Passage of Balwone the Great
16 The Battle with the Giants
17 More Giants to Battle
18 On towards the Mountain
19 On the Mountain
20 So Much Failure of Joy
21 So Much Joy at Failure
22 Dragons and Sages
23 The Coming of Massia
24 Massia Has Come
25 The People of Massia and the Most High
26 Massia's People and His Revelation
27 The Love of Massia
28 The Blood of Love
29 A New Song Forever
30 Glossary


1: Beyond Mortal Love
2: A Quiet Journey to the Place of the Shemgridions
3: A New Venture with Massia’s Shemgridions
4: Balwone and Shemmashin Share the Universal Lordship of Massia
5: Balwone of Massia, and Paelfric of Cathrid
6: Balwone and the Evil Aelfric Collenthribben
7: The Events Leading to the Passing of the Old Gods
8: The Days of Visitation of the Most High
9: Balwone Dines with Royalty and Is Commissioned for a Strange Adventure
10 Balwone Is Given a Vision of Massia, and Aelfric Collenthribben Is Saved from Dying
11 The Setting Out for the Uppermost Northern Kingdoms
12 The Beginning of the Great Journey and the Meeting of Balwone and Gothlic
13 On to Allein: a Meeting with Kanavah the Terrible
14 The Conquest of Allein, and Balwone Meets a Red Dragon
15 The Company Meets Evil and Overcomes It: They Meet Glory and Are Overcome by It
16 The Company Comes into Conflict with the Dark Powers of Evil and Emerges from Allein in Triumph
17 On to the City of Bekrift and King Clopelt
18 Balwone and Kanavah Meet Both Love and Hatred in Bekrift, the Royal City of Mantria
19 Holy Convocation Is Announced
20 The Great Day of Holy Convocation in Which a Nation Is Renewed
21 Eight Men on the Road to Antipone, and a Meeting with a Creature of Light
22 Holy Adventures in the Land of Frimpone
23 Happenings in the Kingdom of Frimpone: Balwone Meets an Old Sage and an Aged King
24 A Vision of a Dragon and a Lion, and the Acts of Holy Convocation
25 A Company of Believers Makes Trek from Antipone to Endomin
26 Tragic News Comes to Cathrid, But Good News to Prince Balwone
27 There Are Conversations of an Important Nature Concerning Gothroyd the Terrible and His Coming Conflict with Cathrid
28 Two Knights and a Squire Promote Holy Convocation and Prepare for the Morrow When It Will Happen
29 The Powers of Darkness Come to Threaten on the Eve Holy Convocation, But That Is Not All
30 Convocation Hears the Stories and Songs of Men Who Were Evil
31 The Hour of Holy Convocation Becomes the Hour of Transformation and, Finally, the Hour of Confrontation
32 The Two Armies of Zed and Cathrid Meet, and There Is a Battle to Save Those Who Would Follow Lord Massia
33 The Banquet of Victory Is Held and the Young Royal Couple Take Themselves Off to Gothric in Zed
34 Epilogue


1 The Storyteller of Oranone
2 The New Plans of King Gothroyd for Gothlic and Balwone
3 The New Life of Prince Balwone
4 The Preparations for the Journey to Proclaim Lord Massia
5 The Road to Miridon and Beyond
6 Massia as Lord over All Matters of the World
7 Pleasant Journeying and an Unpleasant Attack
8 The King and His Plan: Oranias Begins the Story
9 On to Miridon
10 Fighting for the Family
11 Triumphs in Miridon and Travellers Going towards Allein
12 Various Men and Women in the Province of Allein
13 The Triumphs in Allein
14 More Triumphs in Allein
15 The Travels of the Three Teams for Their Ministries to Others
16 More of the Story as the Zed Force Moves towards Miridia
17 Further Travels of Two Posses and Their Adventures
18 The Message of Massia Is Shared
19 The Meeting of Kings, and Other Things
20 By Way of the Return
21 The Preparations for Battle, and Other Things
22 Things as They Were in Zed and Other Places
23 Holy Convocation
24 The Matters of Earthly Kingdoms and the Kingdom of the Most High
25 The City of Gothric in Zed
26 Good Things in Sight for Zed, Including a Royal Wedding
27 Coming to the Climax
28 Many Happenings before a Wedding
29 On to the Wedding
30 Zagonholme at Last!
31 Glossary


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