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Angry Heart or Tranquil Mind?

Angry Heart or Tranquil Mind? 2nd edition

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Anger & Tranquillity

Book Code: 005

Pages: 155 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1981, 1984, 1987

ISBN: 0 86408 008 5

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Angry HeartAn Introductory Essay: by Dr. John Court

To study anger is to come a little too close to home for comfort. There is safety in railing against the sins of others, but we all know anger, little or much, rarely or often. We live in an angry world in which violence and vandalism are obvious social examples. At the individual level, anger is thought to be a crucial element in many psychosomatic disorders, central in most marital conflict, and a key to understanding much depression. Whether we suffer from its expression or its repression, we know that anger is a powerful force in human nature.

It is common to find explanations within our own frustrations, in disappointed relationships, in the circumstances of our daily lives, the traumas of our past or the biological disturbances of the present. Without denying the relevance of such factors, Geoff Bingham goes behind such human explanations to set anger in a much more profound context.

By undertaking the unusual task of a theological exposition of anger, he is able to set our human words and emotions within the framework of God's purposes for us in creation and salvation.

By a series of contrasts we are shown the anger of sinful men set over against God's grace. The almost paradoxical 'righteous anger' of God shows that it can be properly experienced and expressed, yet most often we are most angry when least righteous.

Dr. John Court.