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Christ the Conquering King!

Christ the Conquering King!

Geoffrey Bingham

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Christ's Reign

Book Code: 013

Pages: 173 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1985

ISBN: 0 86408 033 6

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Christ the Conquering King!


In our busy world of today we rarely give time to thinking about Christ. He seems to fit worship situations on Sunday and the occasional Bible study we have at home or church, but we rather imagine him out in some world of his own, a world that is for the main part religious.

Of course we are wrong, terribly wrong. Every molecule and atom of the universe is sustained and has its integrity by 'his powerful word'. All things were created by him and for him. Yet he not only created but also re-created that which became fallen through sin and failure.

All about us is this sin and failure. When we have had our world of supermarkets, high tech. society, our social living, our entertainments and our sports, we can still be very lonely, still confronted by a world we do not know, and fearful of what may exist beyond sight. Death too is a threat to any serenity that we may have attained by purpose or chance.

It is this world, and indeed the entire universe, which is under the Lordship of Christ. This is not merely cheering to the faithful few, but confronting to the whole human race, and the powers of evil that are arrayed against it. Indeed the evil of our own hearts, when suddenly exposed by stress and circumstances is devastating to our shocked minds. To live in a universe where there is no sense, no control by a higher, noble, and wise power, would be a terrifying experience.

Christ became visible in history, 'the visible expression of the invisible God', and he came as man, but came to conquer. His conquest was over all that is evil, and all that would vandalise our beautiful creation. He came to make the conquest of love, to defeat and win the human heart, and to draw out grateful acknowledgment of his Lordship. 'Jesus is Lord!' was the cry of the early church. It is the cry in many a beleaguered spirit, in lands under totalitarian governments, and godless ideologies.

Christ the Conquering King is good news to the lonely, the defeated, the cynical, and the beleaguered. This book may not deal efficiently with the theme it has taken, but the materials supplied by the book, however rough and ready they may seem to more polished theologians, are the true stuff by which we can obtain true human freedom, build our lives afresh, and by which we can make both sense and joy of the creation in which we live.

Geoffrey Bingham,

Coromandel, 1985