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Christian Basics 1

Title: Christian Basics 1 

Bible study notes, eight studies

Brian Arthur

Subject: Gospel Basics

Book Code: 015

Pages: 63 pp

Pub. Date: 1984

ISBN: 0 94985 171 X

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Introduction to the Subject


By Christian basics we mean a study of those truths that are essential for our relationship with the living God, ourselves and others.

Many of the subjects to be considered are not only basic for an initial experience of the Father's love, but continue to be primary in the day by day experience and growth in that love. In this sense it is not a course consisting of elementary facts which once understood cease to have relevance. However, the object will be to remain simple and functional.

As we have indicated, the aim of the course is not to gather together a list of facts, but to know the life that flows from a submission to the truth about our Father God and the creation He has called into being. So our aim is to be confirmed in the hope of our calling - a calling that is rooted in the nature of God, and is expressed to us through His plan of salvation. In this we' are called to be actively involved. (Consider at length Ephesians 1:15-23).

We should expect then that the crisis will not be how much we can store away in our brain but, rather, whether we are prepared to receive God's word and live in the love that is ours through Grace.

Christian Basics 1
1 The God Who Calls
2 Calling & Creation
3 The Man Who Is Called
4 The Calling of God & the Fall of Man
5 Man & The Nature of Sin
6 Conscience & the Call
7 The Counterfeit Calling
8 The Call & the Cross