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Christ’s People in Today’s World

Christ's People in Today's World

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: People of God, Community

Book Code: 025

Pages: 223 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1985

ISBN: 0 86408 019 0

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Christ's People in Today's World

About this book:

Today is a day of community. The electronic and literary media have drawn the world together into 'a global village'. We can even begin to talk of 'the community of nations'.

However, this global village is an uneasy one. The world community lives in endless factions, religions, and political strife. Is there, in fact, a true and living community?

The answer is, 'Yes,' the community of the Father—the family. It is also the people of Christ, the community of the Holy Spirit. It is the quiet but powerful miracle of God—His elect people always living in difficult times and bringing the witness of love and hope to the troubled nations.

Its role is prophetic and priestly. Its proclamation is of the Kingdom of God—'Your God reigns!' Its confession is not only to its own community, but to all the world.

We need to know this community, to live in it more dynamically than we have, and to share its constraints with the world. CHRIST'S PEOPLE IN TODAY'S WORLD is a book which can help us.

Geoffrey Bingham, Coromandel 1985