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Discovering Your Identity

Title: Discovering Your Identity

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Identity, relationship

Book Code: 050

Pages: 106 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1982

ISBN: 0 94985 151 5

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Discovering Your IdentityAbout this Book

In what we might call the psychological age, mankind is seeking to know itself as the human race. Individually man is also seeking to know himself, as a person.

The human race is confronted by acceleration in technology, the rapidly changing electronic media, the continuous rise and fall of governments. It is time of rapid changes in economics and social living Can man find, let alone keep his identity when the landmarks are so rapidly swept away?

What anyway is a personal identity? This book seeks to give answers to some of these questions. Man's identity consists in those things with which he is identified by his own will. In Biblical terms his identity is given him by God who creates every man a unique person. Man can go against this identity and suffer as a consequence or he can accept it and develop richly. To do this he must keep his integrity against the adverse tides which flow about him This can be called a thoughtful book. It is, nonetheless, exciting. It may well help a man to discover his true identity.

The Reverend Geoffrey Bingham, an Anglican clergyman, and a teacher of interstate and international experience, has been a missionary with the Church Missionary Society, Principal of the Pakistan Bible Institute, of the Bible College of South Australia, and Executive Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry at Coromandel in South Australia.