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The Dominion of Darkness and the Victory of God

Title: Dominion of Darkness & the Victory of God (The)

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Satan, World System, Christ's Victory

Book Code: 051

Audio Code: CTS 14

Pages: 61 pp, Booklet

Price (A$): $3.00

Pub. Date: 1977

ISBN: 0 95970 182 6

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The Dominion of Darkness


Paul the Apostle once said of Satan, 'We are not ignorant of his designs'. For 'designs' other translations have 'wiles', 'devices' and 'schemes'. In other words, Christians can know the ways in which the Master of Evil goes about his plans. Other writers of the New Testament-Peter, John, James and Jude-were also aware of Satan's ways of working. The question is, 'Are we likewise aware? Do we know how to fight spiritual darkness? Can we use "the weapons of our warfare" which have "divine power to destroy strongholds"?'

This booklet seeks to explain something of the spiritual battle that has gone on in history, commencing with the fall of Man, and coming to a climax at the end of the age. Being made aware of this conflict, we can fight it with more understanding. Lest we be bewildered, confused and afraid, we are also made aware of the power of God over all evil forces. This is seen clearly in the coming of Christ the Victor, before whom evil powers fled, and still flee. His Cross and Resurrection sealed the doom of darkness.

The book, then, is not one of morbid preoccupation with the powers of evil, but is a helpful text to enable us to fight in God's strength and to overcome the Evil One. In this sense it is a joyous book, sounding the trumpet of victory. Many have already been helped by it.