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Dry Bones Dancing!
Dry Bones Dancing!Is revival merely the interest that crackpots have in unusual religious phenomena?

Are not revivals built on the stuff of emotionalism and extended subjective feelings?

The answer must be, firmly, ‘No!’

The history of Christian revivals over 2,000 years has been clearly documented. Those who research this material will be greatly surprised, and certainly also stimulated, to see how it is God’s gift to the waning life of churches and nations.

Revival is an indispensable must for our own age. The many efforts of our age to renew the church, and to stimulate it to proclaim the living good news of God in Jesus Christ, are commendable, but they have not radically and dramatically changed our churches and nations.

In this book the writer, who himself has been in two revivals, teaches something not explicitly stated before, namely that revival of the human race was planned by God before creation and before man’s fall. It is all a deliberate part of His purposes.

Israel’s part in that historical movement is traced, leading to Christ, the Cross and Pentecost.

The book shows how today revival is really right at hand, staring us in the face, if only we knew it.

This volume is not merely intriguing. It is a document which will rouse many to have practical faith in the ever-active grace of God.

It is also a joyous book: it points towards the dead coming alive. Indeed towards DRY BONES DANCING!

About the author..

Well-known octogenarian poet, writer and teacher, Geoffrey Bingham stood by his twenty-year-old thesis as wholly valid for today.

Title: Dry Bones Dancing!

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Revival

Book Code: 052

Pages: 130 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1983, 2003

ISBN: 0 86408 005 0

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