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Gospel Incandescent


My heart has been warmed and my thinking stimulated by the thesis of this volume. Deane Meatheringham has preached in my church and I am privileged to know him as a friend and brother who writes from first-hand experience in the pastorate.

Along with many ministers I have urged, arm-twisted, cajoled, bombarded, pressurised people to evangelise. With them I struggled in guilt at limited results overshadowed by failure. It took years of ministry to realise that 'failure to evangelise results from lack of confidence in the Gospel itself.' Then the light slowly dawned that 'evangelism is the spill-over of a heart and mind too full to contain the reality of the gospel.'

I am excited and awed to see the 'God of all grace' quietly renew His people in my church. To realise that the cross has conquered and that the Holy Spirit is the director of evangelism brings the effusion of liberty, life and power to people's lives. This spontaneous flame of life is beautiful to see.

This is a book for Australians by an Australian who knows our peculiar culture. He encourages us to know the good news, to recognise its power and to be motivated by grace as we naturally reach out to others.

John D. Calvert, Pastor,

Unley Park Baptist Church,

Adelaide, S A.

Gospel Incandescent

Deane Meatheringham

by Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Gospel, Evangelism

Book Code: 070

Pages: 121 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1981; Revised 2008

ISBN:  978 0 86408 305 0

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