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I, The Man

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It is a long time in Christian literature since a book like this has been published. Geoffrey Bingham has had a wide experience of life, let alone the dimensions he has explored in Christian truth. He has the gift of discerning human nature, but it is a gift exercised on-the basis of some fifty years study of the Scriptures. Nothing shocks him about the evil of man. Is this just because he spent some years in war, a concentra tion camp, and counselling people who have hit the depths, or is it because he has learned from the Scriptures about man's degradation and the uplifting power of the Love of God? It is probably from both that he draws this remarkable study of man degraded and man elevated, man polluted and man purified.

To read I, the Man! is to grasp the nettle of human evil and to find that it turns into the beautiful bloom of God's love and grace.

Geoffrey Bingham

Coromandel, January 1983

I, The Man

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Biblical Anthropology, Being Human

Book Code: 084

Pages: 193 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1983

ISBN: 0 94985 122 1

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