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The Justice-Men and the Great Rage

Justice-Men & the Great Rage


This small book, The Justice-Men and The Great Rage is an essay which was (and is) included in the book entitled God and the Ghostown, the essay being subtitled 'An Essay on the Anger which Comes from Injustice, Human and Divine.'

As human beings, we are all aware of the anger we feel at times when things do not turn out the way we wish them to. We have to live with the fact that each of us is not the centre of the universe, nor can we expect special treatment.

However, there is an enormous amount of real injustice in the world, and we have to face that fact. We may be convinced that we have to do something to correct injustices and not stand idly by and condone things, which are wrong. No one should argue against this principle.

The problem, however, arises when we think our modes and methods of correcting those injustices is necessarily the correct one, and often, we also think, the only one. We can over-simplify the problem, since it is one, which has been with us from the beginning of humanity's history, and doubtless, sadly enough, will continue to be so.

This little book is really trying to grapple with the question, 'What is God doing about all this'?' The second essential question ought to be, 'What part can I, and should l, take in what God is doing?' There is also the question of the way we should handle righteous anger. For my own part, I find myself unable to cope with my human anger. My righteous indignation soon passes over to self-righteous indignation. I have also to find the answer to this part of the whole problem.

This little book is being sent forth to draw attention to the problems of injustice and resultant anger. It has been abstracted from its host-book so that it can more quickly be available to those who do not read larger books, and who hesitate to go to greater expense. Whilst the book may not solve the problem for many, it may provide useful and helpful pointers to the answers needed. I myself think that a rich sense of God's sovereignty, whilst not encouraging apathy or a laissez faire attitude, is the only true answer, in the ultimate.

Geoffrey Bingham,

Coromandel, September, 1983

Justice-Men & the Great Rage: An essay

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Anger, Injustice

Book Code: 092

Pages: 20 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1985

ISBN: 0 86408 028 X

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