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Miracles of the Domestic Kind
Miracles of the Domestic KindIntroduction

'Holy love is not a detachable set of divine attributes operating in the abstract. It is the holy love of God acting within and through the finite, acting not by proxy, but in reality'.[1] And the given reality, John tells us, is the Incarnate Word, the glorious Son of God, 'full of grace and truth'. Jesus reveals God as He really is, in His words and works. This study will concern itself primarily with these works, as we observe Jesus acting in miracles, and fellowship with sinners.

At three places in John's Gospel, 14:10 and earlier at 4:34 and 5: 17-19, Jesus clearly teaches that He deliberately and voluntarily does His Father's works; that in fact, through Him, the Father continues His work. Jesus claims that the Father 'shows Him all that He Himself is doing', v. 20. We may legitimately ask, 'Where has He shown this?'

[1] Aldwinckle, R.F., More Than Man, Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, 1976, page 194.

The Father Works in the Old Testament
Jesus - 'The Physician of the Sick'
The Function of the Miracles of Jesus
Aspects Related to Miracles
The Johannine Understanding of Jesus' Sign -Works
Signs of the Father - The Obedient Son's Works
Jesus - 'A Glutton and a Drunkard'
The Disciples Ministry of Miracles and Fellowship

Miracles of the Domestic Kind

by Rev Dean Carter

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Subject: Miracles

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Pub. Date: 1983

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