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Reality and Structure in Christian Ministry

A lot of attention has been given to the question of structures in recent years and this has been necessary and illuminating. A new freshness has come in some places because unnecessary restraints have been removed. But the problem is deeper than finding the proper activities and relationships for the people of God. There are true structures and false structures, both of which are false if they do not express reality. This paper will suggest that the major problem we face is insufficient exposure to reality and affirm the primacy of reality over structure as an ongoing dynamic. Our major task is to find ways in which reality may express itself, and how it can guard against the constant human tendency to retreat into the ‘security’ of structures and the maintenance of them (cf. Romans 9:8, Col. 2:8-23).


  • The issues to be considered
  • Jesus Reality amidst the structures
  • Reality and the church
  • Authority for ministry structures
Reality & Structure in Christian Ministry

Grant Thorpe

by Rev. Grant Thorpe

Subject: Church

Pages: 11 pp, Booklet

Book Code: 125

Pub. Date: 1983

ISBN: 0 94985 139 6

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