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Salvation History

Salvation History

16 Studies

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Salvation History

Pages: 61 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1977

Book Code: 127

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The term 'salvation history' is here used in a non-technical manner. It simply means, 'History from beginning to end. Events chronicled as they happened, all being understood, in the ultimate, to refer to God's purpose of salvation for man and His universe.' In other words, anyone reading the Scriptures from beginning to end—especially if he were to read them many times, and with increasing knowledge—would understand that history, as the Bible tells it, is simply the acts of God, and these are all with a view to fulfilling God's purposes of salvation.

Much of history, of course, does not seem immediately or directly related to salvation. That is only because we take a specialised or particularistic view of salvation. As we shall see, God's intention, before the foundation of the world, was that it should climax just as He wished, and so nothing happens in a careless, loose or haphazard fashion, although, of course it often appears to be this way.

The term 'Salvation History' is used by some scholars in a technical manner. They mean by this term either, (a) The history of salvation takes place in a supra-historical sphere, which cannot be researched after a secular manner. (In fact, it is accessible only to faith. It is the opposite to objective historicity.) Or, (b) God's salvation is connected with real historical events which have been witnessed, and which can be interpreted, once given the key that history relates to revelation and salvation. Faith is still needed to understand and interpret the events which stretch from before creation to the ultimate new creation, when history as we know it will have been sealed off. That history has a beginning and an end, is of course indicated Biblically, but is only acceptable to faith.

Series Title
Session Title
BSSH Salvation History 1 BSSH_01.mp3 Introduction to Salvation History
BSSH Salvation History 2 BSSH_02.mp3 Man, the Fall, and the Flood
BSSH Salvation History 3 BSSH_03.mp3 Families: Babel and Abraham
BSSH Salvation History 4 BSSH_04.mp3 Israel: Egypt and the Exodus
BSSH Salvation History 5 BSSH_05.mp3 Israel: The Judges and Samuel
BSSH Salvation History 6 BSSH_06.mp3 Israel and the Monarchy
BSSH Salvation History 7 BSSH_07.mp3 Israel: The Prophets and the Exile
BSSH Salvation History 8 BSSH_08.mp3 Israel: The Return, the Inter-Testamental Period
BSSH Salvation History 9 BSSH_09.mp3 Gospel History (1): Jesus and the Ministry
BSSH Salvation History 10 BSSH_10.mp3 Gospel History (2): Jesus and the End Events
BSSH Salvation History 11 BSSH_11.mp3 The Holy Spirit and the Early Church-Pentecost
BSSH Salvation History 12 BSSH_12.mp3 The Holy Spirit and the Early Church-Paul and the New Churches
BSSH Salvation History 13 BSSH_13.mp3 The Churches, the Epistles and the Plan of God
BSSH Salvation History 14 BSSH_14.mp3 The Things of the Revelation: History Outworking
BSSH Salvation History 15 BSSH_15.mp3 The End Things: The Parousia, Judgment, God's People
BSSH Salvation History 16 BSSH_16.mp3 Review of Salvation History