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To Command the Cats & Other Stories

To Command the Cats

A masterly collection of short stories by a born storyteller. To Command the Cats displays Geoffrey Bingham's remarkable talent at as best. Sharp, poised, he is often wryly amusing, always perceptive. The stories are of two different kinds, of war in Malaya in World War II and peace in the New South Wales countryside, at a place Geoff Bingham calls Wirril Creek. Between these two groups stands the brilliant title story, To Command the Cats, which in its tautness and sensitive perception represents Geoffrey Bingham at his most powerful. It exhibits in essence the current that runs through the whole book, uniting the stories of war and peace; a concern with individuals and their need to express, and uncompromisingly affirm, their uniqueness.

Series design by Judy Hungerford, cover illustration by Murray Fredericks


To Command the Cats & Other Stories

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Short Stories

Pages: 149 pp, Paperback

Pub. Date: 1980

Book Code: 144

ISBN: 0 20714 218 1

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