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Time for the Truth

Time for the Truth

Deane Meatheringham

by Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Truth

Pages: 22 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1984

Book Code: 145

ISBN: 0 94985 186 x

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Time for the Truth

The purpose in writing this paper is to bring the Word of God to his church. It is intended to be biblical, thoughtful, and immediate. Therefore my writing is not intended to give a thoroughly systematic appraisal of the doctrine of the truth. I have attempted to give attention to studies already prepared on the subject of truth and am indebted to articles in such resources as:

  • Dictionary of NT Theology, ed. Colin Brown;

  • Theological Dictionary of the NT, Ed. G. Friedrich and G. Kittel;

  • What is Truth? and Truthing of the Truth, by G.C. Bingham;

  • Creation in Christ, by George MacDonald;

  • For Such A Time as This, by Jim S. Halsey;

  • Paul at Athens, by Cornelius Van Til;

  • The New Demons, by Jacques Ellul;

  • The Church - Maintained in the Truth, by Hans Kung;

  • Sure of the Truth, by Deane Meatheringham and Grant Thorpe;

and numerous other writers.

If the readers of the paper wish to pursue the subject further, they will be helped by these works, especially the articles in the Dictionary of NT Theology.

Many other helpful contributions have been made to this important subject which I have not read. What I say in these pages is intended to communicate the truth, not exhaustively, but clearly and redemptively.

The truth, as we shall see, is not meant to be heard as an idea for discussion, but to be obediently believed, and done.

Deane Meatheringham 29th June, 1983