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Truththe Golden Girdle

Truth-the Golden Girdle

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Truth

Pages: 175 pp

Pub. Date: 1983

Book Code: 149

ISBN: 0 86408 003 4

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Truth- the Golden GirdleAbout this Book

  • Who knows the truth?
  • Who lives the truth?
  • What is truth?

These are simple questions for which few have the final answers.

The person who claims to know the truth may be thought to be arrogant.

Knowing the facts is not necessarily knowing the truth.

Jesus claimed to know the truth, to tell the truth, and to be the . truth.

In what sense was this the case?

How can the author of this book insist on the one hand that all human creatures know the truth, and on the other that they so suppress what they know that they do not know the truth?

How does one come to the truth, and then begin to live it?

Without doubt this is a dynamic book. It is more so because its arguments do not run along traditional lines. In one sense it is a simple book, not entering into clever debate. In another sense it is a book which is deeply disturbing.

To the seeker it will prove relevant for living today.

Jesus said that those who listened to him sincerely would come to know the truth, - and. the truth would set them free. He meant ‘genuinely free, in every department of living.’

The author, Geoffrey Bingham, always lived where the action wasas a free-lance journalist, a soldier, prisoner-of-war, farmer, minister, missionary, and Bible College principal. As a husband, father, grandfather, and contemporary citizen, he was always talking to human needs, seeking to share the truth for life in this world, and hope for the next.