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The Vinedresser

An Anglican Meets Wrath & Grace 

Vinedresser (The)

Dear Martin,

Of all my friends, your theology seems to have undergone the biggest sea-change over the years. Does it surprise you, I wonder?

So wrote one of my friends to me recently. 'Sea-change' is described in The Macquarie Dictionary as 'a complete or radical transformation'.

The following is something of an explanation to family, friends, fellow clergy and others who may have been puzzled, alarmed, or interested by my 'sea-change'. They may, in truth, find it to be simply an instance of God's continued faithfulness to me over many years.

This material was first given as an elective in the New Creation Teaching Ministry's Summer School at Victor Harbor, South Australia, in January 1985, and is now made available more widely. In what has been happening to me, it could be that God is saying something to the Anglican Church in Australia as a whole, and beyond.

Perhaps a sea-change is what we all need.

Martin Bleby,

Coober Pedy, SA July 1985

Vinedresser (The): An Anglican Meets Wrath & Grace

Martin Bleby

by Rev. Martin Bleby

Subject: Personal Testimony

Pages: 31 pp. Booklet

Pub. Date: 1993

Book Code: 154

ISBN: 0 86408 032 8

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