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Where I Love I Live

'Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live.' Robert Southwell (1561-1595)

Where I Love I Live (3rd edn)

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Love & Life, Semi-Fiction

Pages: 136 pp, 2nd edition

Pub. Date: 1977

Book Code: 157

ISBN: 0 86408 042 5

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Where I Love I Live

Foreword to the 1986 Edition

This little volume goes out again to the public virtually untouched in its third printing. In 1975 we published a monograph entitled 'The Nature and Meaning of Love', which was later revised, enlarged and republished under the same title. In early 1986 it was further revised and enlarged, and issued as a book under the title of Constraining Love.

This present volume, Where I Love I Live, is really a novel work-out of the substance of 'The Nature and Meaning of Love'.

The reader of the Preface to the 1977 edition will note that this small book is an attempt to share the theology of love in a warm and personal way. Hence the setting which enables us to see men and women at work as they try to fathom the problems of relationships with God and man. The 1977 Preface claimed that this is the natural way for truth to come to us.

Without doubt the experiment has had some good results. There has been quite an amount of feedback from readers. Many have expressed astonishment and delight at the truth it contains. Some wondered at the fact that the reality of God's love had evaded them for so long. Different groups saw the value of the book for home studies. Others simply reported the transforming impact the book had made on their lives.

Whilst a revision of the book is certainly due, we have decided to reprint now in response to a demand. We leave it, with its deficiencies, to stand on its own, as in past printings, and trust it will again be used to show the glory of God the Father, the grace of Christ the Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit, who, together, have shaped and perfected that Gospel which still remains the only power to redeem and transform the needy human race.

Geoffrey Bingham

Coromandel East, May 1986