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Living in Liberation
Living in Liberation

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What do we understand by liberty?

Is it freedom to be one's own person, or is it knowing the truly human way of living?

What is the 'truly human way of living?

Can humans escape the bondage that seems to come upon them through circumstances, environment, heredity and parental upbringing.

These are some of the questions raised by our subject and which the author seeks to answer. His answers are not his own. He has discovered them in the Scriptures, or, as he would say, they discovered him!

The subject is not merely theoretical, religious or theological. Understanding of the power of God to release a person from bondage and set him, or her, on the path of freedom, is a vital matter. It is vital to all human living, and to all human relationships. More, It is what God has in mind for His people. He who is free in Himself and not Just from something, wishes man- made in His image-to reflect that essential freedom.

This is what makes the book required and liberating reading.



This small book Living In Liberation was originally published in 1976 as part of our Living Faith Series, under the title Christian Freedom: Crisis And Process. Today it is essential as ever to understand the Biblical doctrine of Christian Freedom, because every human being needs to be emancipated from every wrong bondage that comes to him-or her-in life.

Living in Liberation

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Liberation

Pages: 37 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1986

Book Code: 168

ISBN: 0 86408 051 4

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