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If We Say We Have No Sin . . .

If We Say We Have No Sin . . .

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Sin, Confession

Pages: 36 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1987

Book Code: 183

ISBN: 0 86408 071 9

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If We Say We Have No Sin . . .


Does anyone today say, 'I have no sin'?

When is a sin not a sin?

Can past sins deeply affect us?

Is it possible for us to be totally free from our past?'

What is God's purpose in liberating man?

For many Christian centuries  believers have been occupied with the principle of confession. The author of this book thinks that confession can be merely a ritual, or, on the principle of penance, can draw people into introversion, presenting God as a grim Accountant. He believes, nevertheless that there is a biblical truth of confession which can bring troubled people to liberation and peace directly from the truth of Christ and his Atonement. True confession can bring people in tension to peace and joy.

This little book is a companion volume to a number of studies on practical Christian living. The titles of these books can be found in the front of this book. Two small books which link directly with this one are The Cleansing of the Memories and The Question and Comfort of Confession.

Geoffrey Bingham,

Coromandel, 1987

Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009) was an Anglican minister. His experience as soldier, prisoner-of-war, farmer, writer, teacher and family man, as well as theologian, gave him grounds for writing material which is Australian in tone, and relevant to the society in which we live. Some have found his books life-changing.