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Creation & Reconciliation

Creation & Reconciliation

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Creation, Man, Rebellion, Reconciliation

Pages: 53 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1987

Book Code: 190

ISBN: 0 86408 083 X

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Creation & Reconciliation

    • Why is our world such a hopeless and complicated mess?
    • What will be the outcome of history for our world?
    • Do we need to live in despair, loneliness, and dread?
    • Does evil prove itself more powerful than good?
    • Is there a genuine answer to our emotional needs and suffering?

These and other questions are constantly in the mind of modern man. Indeed man has always puzzled over the issues we have raised. This small book addresses these issues quite seriously, believing that the Scriptures disclose the purposes God has for His creation, and for man in particular. The answers are powerful ones, and can bring relief and release to the minds of those who perceive them as the truth.

This is not a book to be neglected, but it does require serious reading. It is recommended as giving the authentic answers to the questions voiced above.

This small book does not claim to give all the answers to modern man in his existential anguish and agony. It does however point to the Biblical scheme of things, showing that our present distress results from man having moved out of the harmony he experienced when he related well to God, himself, others, and his universe. It seeks to show that there is a pattern of innate unity in all the creation, and that man could be at peace—if he would.