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The Preaching of Jesus & the Gospel of Christ

Preaching of Jesus & the Gospel of Christ (The)ABOUT THIS BOOK

The Preaching of Jesus and the Gospel of Christ was first published as a series of articles in The Expositor during the second half of 1915. Although originally published as a series of six 'chapters', they have not previously been brought together in one volume.

Above all else P. T. Forsyth was a theologian and a preacher of the cross. Paul's dictum 'Jesus Christ and Him crucified' was also Forsyth's. There and there alone do we see God's holiness at once revealed, sealed and satisfied. The cross, and God's holiness in it, were the compass bearings from which Forsyth took all his theological direction.

Appearing as they did relatively late in Forsyth's life, these articles contain some of his richest insights. But it is in the heart of the man's message, not simply his insights, that we must heed. If the church is to 'cease to linger as a tolerated tradition', it must drink deeply again from the waters of holy grace that have brought it to birth through the cross of Christ. May this volume greatly enrich anyone into whose hands it falls.


Rev. Noel Due, who wrote the Foreword, Biographical Sketch, Theological Introduction and provided the annotations, was the pastor of Coromandel Valley-Hawthorndene Baptist Church in South Australia. The thesis which formed part of his Honours Degree in Theology was written on Forsyth's theology of atonement. It was during the production of this thesis that the articles contained in this book were 'discovered'.


Title: Preaching of Jesus & the Gospel of Christ (The)

P.T. Forysth

by Peter T. Forysth

Subject: Preaching

Book Code: 193

Pages: 123 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1987

ISBN: 0 86408 074 3

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