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The Pastor in Life and Ministry

Pastors' School 1987

Book Title: Pastor in Life and Ministry

by various authors

Subject: Pastors, the Word, Proclamation

Pages: 94 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1987

Book Code: 194

ISBN: 0 86408 079 4

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Papers Presented

1. The Word of God (Geoffrey Bingham)
2. The Centrality of the Cross (Ian Pennicook)
3. The Pastor and His Perspective (Dean Carter)
4. Ministry in I1 Corinthians—Study I (Noel Due)
5. Ministry in II Corinthians—Study 2 (Noel Due)
6. The Pastor and His Reading (Dean Carter)
7. The Place of Conscience (Ian Pennicook)
8. The Word and Its Power (Geoffrey Bingham)
9. The Pastor and His Preaching (Dean Carter)
10. Christian Thinking in Today's World (Rod James)
11. The Kingdom and the Church (Ian Pennicook)
12. Stealing God's Word (Geoffrey Bingham)
13. The Parish in Today's World (Ian Pennicook)
14. The Word in the Parish (Geoffrey Bingham)
15. Ministry in II Corinthians—Study 3 (Noel Due)
16. The Proclamation of the Word (Geoffrey Bingham)