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The Wisdom of Koheleth

Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Bible Commentary

Book Code: 234

Pages: 72 pp, Book, A4

Pub. Date: 1990

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Introduction Introduction 
Ecclesiastes The Preacher The Preacher
Koheleth and The Congregation The Congregation
Koheleth, the Preacher opens his address to the congregation Chapter 1
The wise King tries everything there is Chapter 2
Koheleth is convinced of the Sovereignty of God in all things Chapter 3
Koheleth claims it is best of all not to have been born Chapter 4
Koheleth Gives Good Advice on the Matter of Worship Chapter 5
Koheleth Talks of Men Who Do Not Have the Gift of Enjoyment From God Chapter 6
Koheleth Dispenses Useful and Thoughtful Proverbs Chapter 7
Koheleth Dispenses Useful Advice on How to Live What is Otherwise 'a Vain Life' Chapter 8
Koheleth Continues Discussing The Enigma of Life, the Many Matters Which Keep Confronting Man in This Life Chapter 9
Koheleth Continues Discussing the Matters of Wisdom and Folly in both Low and High Places Chapter 10
In Verses 1-7 Koheleth Makes a Call to Exercise Faith,In Verses 7-10 He Issues an Exhortation to have Joy Chapter 11
Koheleth Speaks of the coming of Old Age, of the Impossibility of Rationalizing all of Life, and of the One Great Principle of Being Truly Human Chapter 12
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