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Commitment Theology: Is It True, & Can It Deliver?

Title: 'Commitment Theology': Is It True, & Can It Deliver?

Grant Thorpe

by Rev. Grant Thorpe

Subject: Commitment, Covenant

Book Code: 238

Pages: 13 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1995

ISBN: 0 86408 126 X

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Commitment Theology

The word 'commitment' is frequently heard in Christian circles. It is used to describe the choice a person makes to become a Christian. and the extent of their faithfulness thereafter. Certain modes of thinking have grown up around this usage which the author has dubbed 'commitment theology'.

This article argues that this 'commitment' approach has not been helpful in rousing the church to life, and that it may have more roots in the world's manner of thinking than in the Scriptures. It shows that God comes to his people with a message of judgment—a judgment concluded on the cross—rather than in a challenge to be different.

It shows how God has made the death of Christ his centre piece for the healing of our lives and that only the proclamation of this will produce a truly active faith. It shows that God will not share his glory with a 'faith' which is mingled with self-confidence.