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Mark: The Coming King
Mark: The Coming King

Rev. Ian Pennicook

by Rev. Ian Pennicook

Subject: Bible Commentary

Book Code: 247

Pages: 128 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1991

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A short word of explanation concerning this book is due. This especially so since there is no shortage of very good commentaries on most books of the Bible, and the Gospel of Mark is certainly no exception.

This book is not an attempt to compete with those very competent works. But since they generally require either a fair degree of familiarity with the original languages and/or an interest in what often can become quite intricate and technical details, they are also beyond the field of usefulness of most Bible readers.

There are also a number of books which attempt, often with great success, to 'introduce' the reader to the various Biblical books. These can be in the form of simple commentaries or of 'manuals' which leave it up to the reader to glean the required information from the book being studied. Again, this book is not attempting to compete with these.

The aim of this book is to meet the need of the middle group of readers, namely, those who have already some idea of what is in the Scriptures and who are not afraid to push on into the riches of the word of God, but whose interests do not yet lie in the world of the academic. But there is more. The aim is not simply to meet a need; rather it is humbly to reflect the goal of the author of Mark's Gospel and to present 'the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God'. To that end, there is, unashamedly, the occasional bit of 'preaching'.

With this is mind, may I urge the readers to use this book with their Bibles open before them. Actually, the material which is contained in this work was originally designed for group use, although that may not be the circumstance in which most will find themselves. But the final authority is the Bible, the written word of God. It is to that authority which I must urge you to submit yourselves as you work through the Scriptures, and to that authority which I am happy to have anyone submit this book.

The title of this book is The Coming King. It has that title because, to the people who came under the ministry of Jesus before the cross and resurrection, the kingdom of God was not yet established. It was still 'breaking in' but required the victory of the cross and resurrection to completely render sin, the forces of darkness, and all that attach themselves to them, utterly powerless to hold men and women in bondage. But now, through his death and his rising out of the grave, Jesus is Lord. We read the stories in the Gospels as those who know the result of all that Jesus was about. To us, then, the King has come. If there is submission to the written word of God it is because we have been captured by the living Word. May the King himself direct us as we live in the great liberty and delight of his kingdom.


Rev. Ian Pennicook, an Anglican minister, is the NSW Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry, working from his home in Bowral in the Southern Highlands. He is married to Zara and has four children.

Since 1989 Ian has been teaching in a number of Bible Colleges in Sydney as well as briefly being a visiting lecturer at a Bible College in Pakistan.

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