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Trinitarian Theology: Human Unity & Relationships

SA Pastors School 1991

Trinitarian Theology: Human Unity & Relationships

Adelaide Pastors' School 1991

by Various

Subject: Trinitarian Theology (Perichoresis)

Book Code: 253

Pages: 61 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1991

ISBN: 0 86408 142 7

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Trinitarian Theology

We find in the church today various groups who give primacy to one Person of the Trinity to the neglect—great or small—of the others. We mean that they see in one Person the most benefit and wisdom for them, and so do not really understand any of the Persons. Our studies will show the work of the Triune God in creation, covenant, redemption, and the eschaton-telos when there will be the regeneration of all things, including glorification and the universal inheritance. Theologically we should understand that Pateriology, Christology and Pneumatology are of the one piece. They must not be studied separately and atomistically, but as a whole, together. Our whole theology will then be Trinitarian.




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Study 1:  Introduction to the Theme
by Geoffrey Bingham 

Study 2:  The Dynamics of Divine & Human Perichoresis-I
by Deane Meatheringham 

Study 3:  The History of the Trinity-I
by Ian Pennicook

Study 4:  The Trinity & Creation 
by Martin Bleby 

Study 5:  Internal Relations of the Trinity 
by Geoffrey Bingham 

Study 6:  The History of the Trinity-II 
by Ian Pennicook 

Study 7:  The Dynamics of Divine & Human Perichoresis-II 
by Deane Meatheringham 

Study 8:  External Relations of the Trinity 
by Geoffrey Bingham 

Studies 9 & 16:  The Trinity in the Epistle to the Hebrews-I 
by Noel Due

Study 10:  The Trinity & Redemption 
by Martin Bleby 

Study 11:  The Trinity & the Consummation 
by Rod James 

Study 12:  The Triune God in the Life of the Parish 
by Dean Carter 

Study 13:  Worship of the Triune God 
by Geoffrey Bingham 

Study 14: Prayer that is Trinitarian 
by Deane Meatheringham 

Study 15: One Body Through the Cross 
by Dean Carter 

Study 17:  The Trinity, Human Unity & Relationships 
by Geoffrey Bingham 

Hid With Christ in God (poem)
Triune Worship ( Poem)