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Great & Glorious Grace

South Australia Pastors' School 1992

Great & Glorious Grace

SA Pastors' School 1992

by various speakers

Subject: Grace

Book Code: 259

Pages: 64 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1992

ISBN: 0 86408 152 9

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Great & Glorious Grace

History is not just a sequence of events, or even a series of repeated cycles, but its meaning lies in the salvation God achieves—and is achieving—by His unbounded grace. The power of the Cross to defeat the enemies of Man—Satan, the world powers and the world-system under Satan, sin, the law, the flesh, death, the wrath of God and the conscience—all these can be shown to have been defeated by the work of the Cross. What me must keep in mind is that unless the Cross and Resurrection effect total liberation of the human spirit there can be no talk of grace.




Session Titles
Study 1: The Grace of Salvation History by Geoffrey Bingham 1
Study 2: The Grace of Covenant & Creation by Deane Meatheringham 4
Study 3: The Grace of God Has Appeared by Ian Pennicook 8
Study 4: Grace in Historical Theology—I by Dean Carter 10
Study 5: Great Grace at the Cross by Geoffrey Bingham 19
Study 6: Grace in the Continuing Life of the Church by Ian Pennicook 22
Study 7: The Grace of Law & the Law of Grace by Deane Meatheringham 23
Study 8: Grace in the Life of the Pastor by Rod James 27
Study 9: The Grace of Holiness by Geoffrey Bingham 30
Study 10: Grace & Mercy in the Preaching of the Pastor by Grant Thorpe
Study 11: The Grace of the Sacraments—I by Deane Meatheringham
Study 12: Grace in Historical Theology—II by Dean Carter
Study 13: Grace, Enmity & Friendship by Geoffrey Bingham
Study 14: Grace & Worship by Trevor Faggotter
Study 15: The Grace of the Sacrament—II by Deane Meatheringham
Study 16: Grace in Strength & Weakness by Grant Thorpe
Study 17: The Triumph of Grace by Geoffrey Bingham