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Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind
Positive Preaching & the Modern Mind

P.T. Forysth

by P.T. Forsyth

Subject: Preaching

Book Code: 268

Pages: 258 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN:0 86408 162 6

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Positive Preaching & the Modern Mind

A Vintage Book for Modern Preachers

Without doubt Dr Peter Forsyth's book is one for contemporary preachers. The writer himself was a grand preacher of the great eternities, but he spoke the language of his day and brought the realities of the gospel to his listeners and readers with power.

In Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind he has given us a valuable, crafted treasure to stimulate us to true preaching. He was the man who said of true proclamation, 'Revelation is the self-bestowal of the living God ... God in the act of imparting Himself,' and added, 'Preaching is the Gospel prolonging and declaring itself''

His primary emphasis was upon the nature of God as holy love, and he saw such love displayed in the Cross. At heart he burned with passion for the Atonement. More correctly, it was the Atonement which evoked such passion within him. His many books throb with this strong response to God's grace.

He says of himself, 'It pleased God by the revelation of His holiness and grace which the great theologians taught me to find in the Bible, to bring home to me my sin in a way which submerged all school questions in weight, urgency and poignancy. 'I was turned from a Christian to a believer, from a lover of love to an object of grace.' It is this sense and understanding of grace which pervades Forsyth's writings.

The book is not written only for preachers, but for all who seek to know fire in their bones from the reality of the Gospel. That is why all should read the man and his theology.