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Christ's Message For Today's World

VIC & WA Pastors' School 1993

Christ's Message For Today's World

Vic-W.A. Pastors' School 1993

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Gospel

Book Code: 269

Pages: 53 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 86408 164 2

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Christ's Message For Today's World


Few would dispute the fact that there are many enemies of the gospel today. Some would be surprised to know that they, personally, are virtually enemies of it because of the reduced or truncated gospel they preach. The nature and content of the gospel certainly determines the ways and modes we have of preaching the good news. So we have 'soft sell', 'hard sell' and—as it ought to be—'true sell'.

In this series of Studies we seek to get back to the substance and heart of the apostolic gospel in order to preach it without fear and favour. We seek to discover afresh the word which the early Christians knew, and in which they lived. Not much will be served by examining and decrying the deficient and wrong ways in which the message is preached in these days. We can use our time more profitably in seeking to clarify the powerful work of the Cross and the Resurrection.

Deficient proclamation of the word has resulted in deficient pastoral understanding and pastoral care. That is why we have chosen the subjects under consideration in this School. We are hopeful that sharing them together will freshen us all, and perhaps stir up the fire in us until it blazes and others catch alight.

Introduction: vi
Kerugma—Proclaiming the Gospel 1
The Practical Results of the Proclamation 5
The Scandal and Wisdom of the Word by the Spirit 11
The Promise of Freedom 16
Sin's Power: Christ's Liberation 20
Satan's Power: Christ's Liberation 24
Death: Man's Liberation 28
The Law, the Curse, God's Wrath: Christ's Liberation 33
Recurring Legalism: The Freedom of True Law 39
The Cost of the Kerugma-the Price of Grace 45