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The Church and the Kingdom of God

SA Pastors' School 1993

Church & the Kingdom of God (The)  S.A. Pastors' School 1993

by Various Speakers

Subject: Church & Kingdom

Book Code: 270

Pages: 62 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 86408 167 7

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The Church and the Kingdom of GodKingdom of God is, simply put, the reign and rule of God. All creation is under the King for He has created it; everything is in the Kingdom. All humanity is under the King, in this sense all are in the Kingdom. Just as there are rebels in any kingdom, so through rebellion amongst celestial creatures and the fall of man in history, there are many rebels in the Kingdom of God.



Session/ Speaker

Introductory Study: The Church and the Kingdom of God 
by Geoffrey Bingham 
Study 1: The Kingdom of God, Yesterday, Today and Forever 
by Geoffrey Bingham 
Study 2: Christ and the Kingdom-I 
by Ian Pennicook 
Study 3: The Church of God and Christ Built on the Proclamation
by Deane Meatheringham 
Study 4: Christ Head Over All Things for the Church 
by Grant Thorpe 
Study 5: Christ and the Kingdom-II 
by Ian Pennicook 
Study 6: The Local Church and the Kingdom of God 
by Rod James 
Study 7: The Clash of the Kingdoms 
by Deane Meatheringham 
Study 8: The Gospel of the Kingdom-Justification 
by Geoffrey Bingham 
Study 9: The Power of Weakness in the Kingdom of God 
by Deane Meatheringham 
Study 10: The Law of the Kingdom-of God, the Spirit and of Christ 
by Martin Bleby 
Study 11: Christ, the Kingdom and the Eschaton 
by Ian Pennicook 
Study 12: The Gospel of the Kingdom-Sanctification 
by Geoffrey Bingham 
Study 13: The Kingdom and the Pastoral Offices of the Church 
by Martin Bleby 
Study 14: The Local Church and the Universal Kingdom 
by Grant Thorpe 
Study 15: The Kingdom and the Father 
by Deane Meatheringham 
Study 16: The Kingdom of God and the Spirit
by Geoffrey Bingham