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True Woman
True Woman

by Alison Carroll

Subject: Woman

Book Code: 274

Pages: 11 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 86408 169 3

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True Woman

Introduction—The Woman of the 1990s

I have chosen to write on The Reality of the Woman, True Woman as I believe that there is a depth to life that every woman longs for, and in understanding this it will also encompass the message of all the other studies. It may seem strange to be searching for a 'personal reality' in the 1990s, in a world that seems to have an answer for everything. Yet without Christ, which is the same as saying without true love or true life, emptiness and loneliness are often the norm, and the pleasures of life shallow.

If asked what are the most important things in life I'm sure most would answer something similar to: 'Love, purpose, identity, peace, health and wealth'. These are the things people are longing for. I guess that is why so many of us spend so much time working out how to get them. And this is no less so for the women in the 1990s. Much of the material written displays this. In just two magazines that I picked up, this is what it revealed:

Women are looking for love. It is plastered all over the front pages. 'Who is in love with who', followed by articles on 'How to fall in love', Hot Gossip columns filled with peoples love lives, segments from a sex therapist giving advice on 'Good Loving', yet amongst all of this, good relationships seem hard to find. Of course there are also innumerable sad stories of peoples' lives affected by illicit relationships

Purpose, identity and peace are also high on the assertive woman's agenda today. No longer is it fashionable to be feminine and submissive. This is considered a weakness and women are sick of the image of being the weaker sex. Again magazines are filled with articles such as 'Meet the New Me', and on the next page 'Learn to Like Yourself' giving 'interesting' information for some on how to look good, feel good, be determined, think smart, have self-confidence, and end up successful-wealthy and independent.

I have mentioned these things not to be critical, but to show that no matter where you go or what you read or watch on TV, it is so hard to get away from the insatiable appetite man or woman has to find real fulfilment. There is no doubt that in becoming feminists many have stopped being feminine, and in this are missing out on something very beautiful. This I see as a gift from God, for we can never be satisfied until we find the real Answer. It is one of the most wonderful things: to discover what it is to be truly Man and truly Woman.