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"Who Was & Is & Is To Come"

WA & VIC Pastors' School 1994

Who Was & Is & Is To Come
W.A.-Vic Pastors' School 1994

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham
Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: God's Eternal Being

Book Code: 281

Pages: 46 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 176 6

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In a way the series constitutes a kind of ‘salvation history’. It seeks to show that God is the Eternal One, the One who inhabits eternity, is eternal, immortal and invisible, yet is the Living God within His creation and not detached from it. That is, He is active, always doing those works which He has purposed from before time began, with the end (telos) in view that He has planned. This idea might not be new to any of us, and we may take it calmly having received this teaching of His sovereignty somewhere in our past.

The question we need to ask is whether His sovereignty is so much of a reality to us that it has determined much of our actions in life and ministry. By talking about God’s eternity we do not so much wish to refurbish our understanding of God as eternal and sovereign, but to see how history has worked out—and will work out—according to His will and expressed plan, and understand something of that flow of history, its significance for us and our relatedness to it and our part in it.


Introduction to the Theme of the Pastors' School by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 1: God's Eternity  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 2: 'Who Was': God's 'Was-ness'  by Deane Meatheringham

Study 3: Covenant & the Living God  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 4: Immanuel: Alpha & Omega Enfleshed  by Deane Meatheringham

Study 5: Christ the Prophet & the Prophetic Community  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 6: Christ the Priest & the Priestly Community  by Deane Meatheringham

Study 7: Christ the King & the Royal Community  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 8: Forever Fathering: The Glorious Sonship  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 9: The Spirit-Who Was & Is & Is to Come  by Deane Meatheringham

Study 10: Brethren Teaching These Things-All Things  by Geoffrey Bingham