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Wild Men, Bread and Pretty Stone

Wild Men, Bread & Pretty Stone

John Kammermann

by John Kammermann

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Short Stories

Book Code: 282

Pages: 147 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 173 1

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Wild Men

From the Foreword

John Kammermann is a man of rich experience of life. A farmer on the West Coast of South Australia who was halted in his life by an unusual encounter with God, who came to understand the depths of the grace of His Son, and then to a zeal for sharing this life-transforming experience, he has much to show us that intrigues and enchants.

This burly West Coast farmer a writer of poetry and short fiction? Never! So you would think, and think wrongly. My own response to his writing was delight. 'A veritable literary Pro Hart!' I exclaimed. 'A genuine bush writer!' So he is. His stories are delightful and come out of a wealth of experience of life as a farmer, a pastor, a man who has been through all kinds of physical work, and met men and women where they live, but who has seen life in its humour and pathos. This man of a remarkable wife and no less remarkable children—now mostly full-grown—has much to tell us that will hold our interest.

Are the stories and poems religious? I think not. They flow from a practical down-to-earth faith in the One who turned him around and gave him a new and richer understanding of life. I think you will love his yarns and poems and look for another book.