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John Newton: A Biography

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Newtons' Strange Dream

It was while he was on this voyage that he had an extraordinary dream that left a deep impression upon his mind. He saw himself on board ship in Venice harbour where a man handed him a valuable ring of exceptional beauty and worth. As he placed it on his finger, he was promised that so long as it was in his possession, he would be successful and happy. Should he lose it, then he would be plunged into misery and ruin. Then a second person came and began pouring scorn on his weakness and superstition for believing that a mere ring could bring such good fortune. He was seduced into throwing the ring overboard. In that instant all hell broke loose (or so it seemed in his dream) and he was overcome by deep anguish and torment. Shortly after, the first person re-appeared, questioning Newton as to the whereabouts of the ring. He immediately plunged into the water, salvaging the lost ring, and so restoring calm. But instead of returning it to him, Newton was told: "If you should be entrusted with this ring again, you would soon bring yourself into the same distress. You are not able to keep it, but I will keep it for you. Whenever it is needful, I will produce it on your behalf."


John Newton: A Biography

John Dunn

by John Dunn

Subject: Biography

Book Code: 285

Pages: 38 pp A4

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 206 1

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