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In Him We Trust
In Him We Trust

Sir Marcus Loane

by Sir Marcus Loane

Subject: Christ

Book Code: 286

Pages: 127 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 178 2

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In Him We Trust


The old man said, 'Whatever else you do, see that you do one thing. Preach the text!' He did not mean that one could take a text, and then (like the Apostles) go everywhere preaching the Gospel. He meant that one must choose a text and make it live in its context. So the old man said, and the young man heard. The task of the preacher, by the grace of God, is to make the Word of God live in the understanding of his hearers. He must not read into the text what is not there, nor try to make the text say what it does not mean. His task is to unravel its meaning, penetrate its purpose, interpret its message, so that whatever else the hearers forget, that text will stand out in letters of light. That is a noble aspiration, and it is the motivating secret in the series of studies this book affords.

The Most Reverend Sir Marcus Loane (1912-2009) was formerly Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of all Australia. For many years the Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, he has travelled widely in Australia and overseas, bringing his theological, ministerial and devotional insights to many situations. His writing of books ranged over many decades.