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The Profound Mystery: Marriage Love, Divine and Human
Profound Mystery (The)

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Marriage, Mystery

Book Code: 292

Pages: 176 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1995

ISBN: 0 86408 180 4

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The Profound Mystery

What is meant by such a title? Who, today, would use such a name for a book? The term 'profound mystery' is one used by Paul the Apostle who was sure that the reality of a married couple was far beyond what they could reasonably conceive or even hope to dream. The writer of this book takes up the theme that history-God's and Man's-is the matter of Humanity being Bride to God's Son, and the Son being the Bridegroom to created Humanity. At first sight the suggestion seems crazy, but, as the mystery of history unfolds, it becomes clear that human marriage is a prophetic symbol of the Divine-human union.

If Paul's contention is true, then we will have to rewrite the text-books on marriage, divorce and remarriage. We will also have to rewrite the principles of history. Failure to know these principles may well lie behind the contemporary decline in human relationships and the break-up of marital unions and families. The fragmenting of families, and the pain, hurt and wounding that bewildered children know, is presently leading to bitter cynicism about our present society. With all the brilliance and useful therapies which modern social science possesses, it cannot heal the breaches within our society. What this book teaches is foundational to recovery.

Whilst this book does not claim to offer a secular panacea for society's ills, it certainly sets out the way of true marriage and takes up the themes of divorce and remarriage in a non-judgmental way. Pastors, elders and others will find it confronting and yet immensely helpful. Its theology of social history makes it a valuable volume. Its author, the Rev Dr Geoffrey Bingham, an international teacher, has had vast experience in counselling; has written many helpful books on human relationships; and has thoroughly researched the materials used in this present volume.